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Uguisu No Fun also known as Bird Poop Facial or Geisha Facial is the rarest facial treatment in the world. For over 400 years, its benefits are well documented and up to the present, its the most sought after natural facial treatment in first class Spas. Many popular celebrities are known to enjoy its benefits. UGUISU SHOP™ is an online shop dedicated to sell only the finest and purest Uguisu No Fun. All Uguisu products in this store are 100% UV sterlized and free from any microorganisms.


Welcome to, we are official USA distributor for No Fun Japanese Nightingale Products.

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world Class Aesthetic Centers as well as Popular Celebrities have discovered the amazing benefits of using Uguisu No Fun! backed by over 400 years of tradition in beauty and skin perfection, the benefits of Uguisu No Fun are more than amazing! only sells r the finest top-of-line Uguisu Masks and Soaps and we guarantee that using Uguisu No Fun will:



  • Clear blemishes and clarify the skin.
  • Even out skin tone and treat major discoloratins.
  • Illuminate and brighten the complexion.
  • Treat and prevent acne, whiteheads and blackheads.
  • Reduce the appearance of pores and scars.
  • Firm the skin and improves skin tone.
  • Natural anti-ageing enzymes prevent wrinkles and fine lines.
  • rejuvinates and restores skin damaged by sun exposure and ageing.

If you think we are overestimating the benefits that you can get from our uguisu no fun and you are unhappy with the results, we will refund your purchase in full with no questions asked!

All purchases made on UGUISU SHOP is protected with our 100 DAYD FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Your satisfaction is our priority.

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