bird poop mask on face

The Purest Beauty Bird Poop Mask. Cheap Prices

“Uguisu No Fun” translates to “NIGHTINGALE DROPPINGS” in Japanese. Nightingale Droppings happened to be the most ancient beauty product in the world. It was introduced by the Japanese 400 years ago as a stain remover but after studying about the Nightingale Droppings, they found out that it has a great ingredients that could be a beauty product. Today, it is now being used as a popular Bird Poop Mask on face.

Japanese Kabuki actors and Geisha started to use the droppings on their skin for blemishes and whitening purposes. They even used the droppings as a make up remover after their performance. Then the court nobles and the ladies of the Samurai families heard about the droppings and they started to use it. The news was disseminated althrough out the country. According to the staff of Hyakuske, a two-hundred year old cosmetic shop in the Asakusa district of Tokyo, geishas and kabuki actors began using Uguisu-no-Fun during the Edo period around 1603 AD.

Uguisu-no-Fun is rich in natural guanine, protease and water soluble lipase enzymes (which break up fat). Guanine reduces and reverses the effects of skin’s damaged DNA cells. The unique, natural protease enzymes in Uguiso-No-Fun acts as a gentle bleach to whiten the skin. The Lipase enzymes in Uguisu-No-Fun deep clean and wash away dirt trapped in the fat tissue inside the pores of the skin.

Both men and women in Japan still use Nightingales Droppings as a cleansing face mask and or whitening treatment. Since all natural product was proven safe and easy to use on both oily and dry skin. The scientists believed that the Uguisu No Fun is the purest bird poop in the world. They can’t even describe how this product can do all the beauty magics. They could only think that maybe because of the high concentration of urea in the poop of the Nightingale makes the product effective as a beauty use making it an effective Bird Poop Mask and Bird Poop Facial Treatment.

There was a New York Spa who has this Geisha Facial but it is so expensive. It cost $180 – $200 per hour of treatment. So the Uguisu No Fun made this product available to the public in a cheaper price for those who dont have much money to send on a spa.