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Uguisu No Fun is literally termed as Nightingale feces. Produced by Japanese Bush Warbler or Cettia Diphone in Nightingales farm. For generations, the Japanese have used Nightingales Droppings as a stain remover. As it worked well and did not damage the textile or their kimono and other garments. In the time of Edo period (A.D. 1603 – 1868) , Nightingale feces was used by Geisha and Kabuki actors to remove their thick clay-based make-up. Then Japanese Kabuki actors and Geisha started to use the droppings on their skin for blemishes and whitening purposes. This practice later spread amongst court nobles and ladies of the Samurai families. And it was heard all over the world. You can now buy uguisu no fun online via this website.

The Nightingale poop has tried-and-tested skin lightening properties and contains the enzyme Guanine that brightens dull skin. Once left out in the sun to dry for almost 2 weeks and today the nightingale emissions are treated with UV light to sterilize it. Then it is ground to be in a form of powder, a fine white powder and it is sold like this. The powder is mixed with the water until it becomes like a paste. Then the paste will be massaged on the skin for few minutes and after few more minutes it is rinsed off. Thankfully, it is fragrance-free so you don’t need to worry that it might smell like a poop.

After years of hearing this product, Uguisu no fun was available as a facial at a salon in London, it is a 90 minute facial for Ł135. It also recognized all throughout United States because of the celebrities who tried it, namely Victoria and David Beckham. It was used by Victoria Beckham when she was suffering with acne and it was also tried by David Beckham during that time. From the day, people in America became attached to this product and added the Uguisu No Fun to their beauty mantra.

Today, Nightingales Droppings are still used in Japan as a cleansing face mask and / or whitening treatment on both men and women. This all natural product is perfectly safe and easy to use on both oily and dry skin. Buy Uguisu No Fun Online, Nightingale Poop or Droppings at Cheap Prices.