Can I purchase the product but send it to someone else?

Yes. Kindly purchase the product as usual. At checkout, uncheck the box before the SHIP TO BILLING ADDRESS text located at the upper right corner of the page. Kindly enter the correct set of information on the new set of fields that appeared below the SHIPPING ADDRESS column. The information you will enter in this new column will be the information we will use to ship your orders. Ensure that everything is correct. By default, we will use the billing address as the shipping address unless a shipping address is specifically provided.

Do we need to register to purchase?

Registration is not required however, being a registered user has some convenient benefits. As a registered user, you can track your purchases, view your purchase history and receive perks such as discounts and promotions. It will also be easier for you to order as a registered user as our website will remember you every time you log in and conveniently fill up the necessary information every time you order. Being registered also allows you to earn loyalty points.

Do you test your products on animals?

Our supplier has over 400 years of expertise in creating authentic uguisu no fun. They preserved the same exact techniques and methods used by the first uguisu makers and just enhanced the processing of the product to make sure its pure and safe. With that much years of tradition and refinement, our uguisu no fun needs no animal testing as its history will speak for itself.

How can I purchase from your shop?

Shopping on geishafacial.com is very easy. Simply follow these steps:

1. Click on the products you want to purchase to view the details.
2. You can modify the type(for masks) as well as the quantity just below the product description.
3. After selecting the correct type and quantity, simply click ADD TO CART.
4. You can continue adding products to your cart. You can view your cart by clicking the cart icon on the upper right.
5. Once finished, simply mouse over MY ACCOUNT on the menu above and click CHECKOUT → PAY or PROCEED TO CHECKOUT on your CART page.
6. Enter the necessary details most importantly your name and shipping address.
7. Click the only payment method available which is PayPal/Credit Card and click PLACE ORDER at the bottom right. You will then be redirected to the PayPal gateway page. Simply fill in the necessary details required. You need not register to PayPal to be able to use your credit card, you can always pay using your credit card as a PayPal guest.

How does Uguisu Shop loyalty rewards work?

We just enabled our Uguisu Shop’s Loyalty Rewards Program that will give our loyal shoppers huge discounts that can be obtained with every purchase.

For every $10.00 USD worth of purchase, you will receive 1 point.
For every product review submitted, You will earn 5 points. Remember that you will only earn points if you review a product you purchased.

Every 1 point is equivalent to $1.00 USD that you can use to purchase any of our products in this website.
The exact amount of points the you will earn for every order is seen in the CART page as well as the CHECKOUT page.
The points you earned by submitting a product review is automatically added to your account.


You can spend your earned points by simply clicking the check box before “Apply my Uguisu Shop Loyalty Rewards to this order” located at the bottom of the CHECKOUT page.


How is uguisu no fun produced?

Uguisu no fun today is produced using the same ancient techniques of farming the traditional and raw uguisu no fun during the 17th century Edo period. A specific bird, Cettia Diphone or Japanese Nightingale produces Uguisu no fun. Some companies uses caged birds while others uses free range birds which means that they are not caged or placed inside an aviary. Free range birds are free to roam without any limitations. Since Japanese nightingales are non migratory birds, they only roam on a limited territory throughout Japan, Taiwan and some parts of China.

Company such as Uguisu Poo Inc. uses a very huge sterile plastic that they unravel to a very large area. They then place bird foods on these areas that specifically attracts Japanese Nightingales. This technique is very effective as huge flocks of Japanese Nightingale Birds go to these areas to feed. Company such as Beauty Culture Inc. has large aviaries of about 30 to 50 birds with an excrement receptacle under it which leads to more easier farming. Cage farming is an issue repeatedly raised by animal rights activists here in Japan. According to recent studies, Free ranged farming produces about 800 times more than cage farming as hundreds of Nightingale Birds can flock on a very large area for hours.

These droppings are then collected and immediately sent to a processing center. Raw uguisu no fun is produced by drying these droppings under the sun for about 2 weeks and then powderized and packed. Enhanced uguisu no fun takes a longer time to processed because they will still remove the unnecessary components of the bird poo and only take the important components of the droppings using centrifugation and reverse osmosis filtration. Only about 30% of the collected droppings are retained after this process as the remaining 70% are ammonia, bacterial debris, cytoplasmic materials and undigested food eaten by the bird that could range from seeds, nuts, exoskeletal remnants from dead insects, worms and fruit peels to name a few. Scientific studies show that enhanced uguisu no fun contains higher guanine and proteolytic enzyme contents than raw uguisu no fun.

It will then be dried using UV lights for about 2 weeks. A common misconception is that UV light drying is similar to Sun drying, they are very different. Sun drying is the only method used in sterilizing and drying uguisu no fun before UV lights were invented. The health ministry issued a health hazard warning in drying bird poop under the sun as disease carrying vectors such as flies, mosquitoes and other insects can contaminate the droppings during those 2 weeks of being left out in the open. Indoor UV sterilization uses strong UV lights to both sterilize and dry the excrement.

Using either the human hands or a machine, it will be ground to convert it into its powder form and it will then be processed either as soap or facial masks that you love and enjoy.

How much is the shipping and do you ship to my country?

Our regular shipping fee is $2.75 USD per item. If you will order 2 items, it will cost $5.50 USD and if you will order 3 items it will cost $8.25 USD and so on. This rate applies to all countries and territories. Shipping is free for any single receipt purchases above $100.00 USD. We deliver to anywhere in the world. Shipping is approximately 15 to 20 days depending on your location.

Express shipping is also available via EMS. Shipping cost for express shipping is $42.50 USD per order irregardless of the weight. This is ideal for bulk orders. Express shipping takes approximately 5 to 7 days depending on your location.

After payment, you will receive a tracking number for you to easily track your parcel online. We will also update your order status page for you to keep track of your order(s) easily.

Is you uguisu no fun safe?

All uguisu no fun produced in Japan is 100% safe as manufacturers and farmers follow a rigid and strict protocol in the production and processing of Nightingale feces. Our uguisu no fun is 100% safe. 2 weeks of exposing the unprocessed raw uguisu to the sun is enough to completely render the product free from any harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Another 1 week of exposing the product under full 24/7 UV sterilization will ensure that it is completely sterile. UV sterilization also enhance the quality of the product by enabling the protein guanine to remain potent indefinitely (considering it was never exposed to any form of high humidity and moisture) as complete dehydration will prevent it from breaking down.

It’s already past the estimated delivery time and my order never came?

Delivery time is about 15 to 20 days for regular shipping and 5 to 7 days for express shipping. In case these time frames elapsed and your product did not arrived, kindly track it first using the tracking number you received. You can see your tracking number by logging in to your account and placing your mouse over the MY ACCOUNT on the top menu and selecting VIEW ORDER. Simply click VIEW on the action column. In this page, you can see the ORDER UPDATES that will show your tracking number and details on how to track your parcel online.

When the estimated delivery time frames elapsed and you still have not received your orders, it is highly likely that your orders are already at the nearest post office and ready for retrieval after failed delivery attempts wherein the postman already delivered the item multiple times and nobody was available to receive the orders. Take note that we send the parcel via registered mail and there should be someone to receive it when delivered. Incorrect billing or shipping address is the most common reason why our deliveries sometimes fail. Take note that by default, we ship orders to the billing address you specified unless a shipping address was given. It is best to contact the local post office and give them the tracking number. If all of these methods fail, kindly email us at sales@geishafacial.com.

My order arrived, but it’s badly damaged/incomplete?

Immediately take a photo of ordered goods. It is important that we see its exact state upon arrival. Send the picture(s) to sales@geishafacial.com with a brief description of its condition together with your full name, date of purchase and order number.

What is enhanced uguisu no fun?

Uguisu no fun or Japanese Nightingale droppings are usually sold raw. It is processed by harvesting the bird’s droppings and drying them out in the sun for at least 2 weeks. However, multiple researches show that there are unnecessary waste materials not needed by the human skin in raw uguisu no fun such as ammonia, dead bacterial debris and its cytoplasmic materials as well as undigested food materials eaten by the bird that could be seeds, fruits, worms or insects. Hence, using the latest technology, we removed these known wastes to create the purest uguisu no fun: Enhanced Uguisu No Fun that is proven to be 4 times more effective than the regular uguisu no fun.

What is GeishaFacial.com?

GeishaFacial.com is an online shop dedicated to sell uguisu no fun, most commonly known as geisha facial or bird poop facial, a rare and effective facial treatment with over 400 years of history in Japan. Our online store only sells the highest quality and purest uguisu no fun facial treatment masks and soaps. There are only two companies allowed by the Japanese Ministry Of Nature as well as the Japanese Ministry Of Trade to farm Cettia Diphone excrement. They are: Uguisu Poo™ and Beauty Culture™. Majority of our products came from Uguisu Poo Inc. because they are the only company that produces enhanced uguisu no fun and they specialized solely on uguisu no fun products. Beauty Culture Inc. on the other hand has only 1 uguisu no fun product and the rest are natural products such as wheat mask, bran soap and others.

What is your refund policy?

All purchases in our site are protected with a 100 day full money back guarantee. In case you are not happy with your purchase, just tell us and we will fully refund your money immediately without any questions. You also need not return the product(s) you bought. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to have a 95% buy back rate.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use PayPal as a payment gateway. PayPal accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards. You need not register a PayPal account. You can pay using your your credit card even without PayPal Account by paying as a PayPal guest.

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