How does Uguisu Shop loyalty rewards work?

We just enabled our Uguisu Shop’s Loyalty Rewards Program that will give our loyal shoppers huge discounts that can be obtained with every purchase.

For every $10.00 USD worth of purchase, you will receive 1 point.
For every product review submitted, You will earn 5 points. Remember that you will only earn points if you review a product you purchased.

Every 1 point is equivalent to $1.00 USD that you can use to purchase any of our products in this website.
The exact amount of points the you will earn for every order is seen in the CART page as well as the CHECKOUT page.
The points you earned by submitting a product review is automatically added to your account.


You can spend your earned points by simply clicking the check box before “Apply my Uguisu Shop Loyalty Rewards to this order” located at the bottom of the CHECKOUT page.