What is GeishaFacial.com?

GeishaFacial.com is an online shop dedicated to sell uguisu no fun, most commonly known as geisha facial or bird poop facial, a rare and effective facial treatment with over 400 years of history in Japan. Our online store only sells the highest quality and purest uguisu no fun facial treatment masks and soaps. There are only two companies allowed by the Japanese Ministry Of Nature as well as the Japanese Ministry Of Trade to farm Cettia Diphone excrement. They are: Uguisu Poo™ and Beauty Culture™. Majority of our products came from Uguisu Poo Inc. because they are the only company that produces enhanced uguisu no fun and they specialized solely on uguisu no fun products. Beauty Culture Inc. on the other hand has only 1 uguisu no fun product and the rest are natural products such as wheat mask, bran soap and others.