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Geisha Facial – The Best Bird Poop Facial You Can Buy Online

Nightingale Poop also known as Uguisu No Fun and Geisha Facial was first known as a stain remover on the garments of Japanese, especially the Geisha’s who uses kimono all the time. Nightingale poop was also used by the Geisha to remove their heavy make ups and to condition their skin. Some bald men are using the nightingale poop whenever they have problems on their scalp. Through the years, Japanese are relying with these product to make their skin as perfect as possible. This 200 year old beauty product was approved by the government of Tokyo to be used as a cosmetic because of its mysteries and approved to be exported anywhere in the world. People started to hear about Uguisu No Fun and some became addicted using it. A lot of good feedback about the Uguisu No Fun was published in all newspapers and online. And the people are making a line from the store and waiting for hours just to buy the Uguisu No Fun.

Bird experts at both the National Aviary in Pittsburgh and the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology were at a loss to explain the benefits of nightingale droppings as a skin treatment. Brian Keller, a dermatopharmacologist and executive vice president of San Francisco-based Bio Zone Laboratories, which manufactures custom private-label dermatological products, offered one possible reason. “The reason this product may work is the high concentration of urea in the fecal-urine combination in bird feces. Urine has a lot of urea in it and it has long been used as a skin-softening agent,” he says. “It’s obviously shrouded in a lot of mystery.”

Some says, because birds excrete their feces and urine waste from a single opening, the fecal-urine combination gives the droppings high concentration of urea. Wherein urea is sometimes found in cosmetic products because it locks moisture into the skin. And due to the short intestine of the Nightingale bird, Nightingales Droppings are said to contain protein, a degrading enzyme for fat, and whitening enzyme, which act on scurf and fat to help whiten the skin and even out blemishes. Uguiso No Fun is one of the most expensive ingredients during facial it is called Geisha facial. It cost $250 – $300 per hour in a Spa in New York but a lot of people are not thinking twice of spending that much because they want to experience its mysteries. And Uguisu No Fun never fail their expectations.