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Uguisu No Fun Geisha Mask, Facial and Soap Online

Nightingale Droppings was on the lime light for over 200 years. It was introduced by Japan as a stain remover to the Japanese people during that time. Nightingale Droppings was used by the famous Geisha and Kabuki actors to remove the stain on their kimono whenever they are working because they believe that Nightingale Droppings has something that can’t ruin the fabric. They also used the Nightingale Droppings to remove their heavy make up everyday. It was endorsed by the artists to other people and Nightingale Droppings became the talk of the town. It happened to be the first make up remover in Japan after few months.

After few years, Japanese made a beauty product using the Nightingale Droppings. They learned that Nightingale Droppings can remove acnes, scars and can whiten the skin. Based on many research, scientist predict that few reason why Nightingale Droppings can do all of that is because of their short intestine. And the passage of their urine and feces are just the same. Because of that the droppings of nightingale has a high urea concentration. Urea is mainly used as a whitening ingredient in some cosmetics.

Uguisu No fun was introduced to United States when a New York Spa opened and gives a Geisha Facial for $180 per hour. Yes it is very expensive for a facial but it’s effect is way better than the cheaper facial. Since Uguisu No Fun wants everyone to try the product. They created a Uguisu No Fun Soap, Facial Mask and a powder in a lowest price possible with the same effect of the $180 facial treatment.

A lot of people are asking if the Uguisu No Fun still smells like a Poop. Of course not, the Nightingale Poop was sun-dried for over 2 weeks and at the same time are sterilized by the ultraviolet light. Then, the poop are turned to a fine powder in the specially made container (rotating for 18 hours with the ceramic ball), leaving a good scent to the product. Then it is packed in a smaller size to sell it in a lower price.

Right now, Uguisu No Fun soap and masks became the worlds best for how many years. Visit the Uguisu No Fun Geisha mask, facial and soap online.