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Uguisu No Fun is literally termed as “Nightingale Poop”. Since this product is produced at Nightingale farm in Japan. There is a particular bird named ( ) that provides this product. The poop of the Nightingale was collected, dried in the dehydrator and grounded in a machine continuously for 18 hours.

Before it became a beauty product. Nightingale poop happened to be a stain remover. Especially during the Edo Period, Geisha and Kabuki actors used nightingale poop as a detergent to remove the stains in their kimono. And after that, they learned to use the nightingale poop as a make up remover. Since they are applying a heavy white make up everyday, they need to remove the make up thorougly because they knew that the make up that they were using have chemicals that are harmful if they wont remove it thoroughly.

A lot of scientist studied about the Nightingale poop but nobody can meticulously explain what is in the nightingale poop that could remove make up, remove skin issues like acne, blemishes and scaring. Scientist also heard that nightingale poop can even out the skin tone. They said that nightingale poop is hiding a mystery.
So Japanese introduced the Uguisu No Fun to the world. People all over the world, panicked on the Spa centers because they wanted to try the Uguisu No Fun which the spa called Geisha Facial. You can see men and women building a line outside the Spa because of this. And with that, Geisha Facial happened to be the best facial and the most known facial in the world.

Now, Uguisu No Fun opened the product to the public. The Japanese manufactured this product. It happened to be a soap and a facial mask. Uguisu No Fun contains natural Guanine, an organic compound widely used by the cosmetics industry for brightening skin and restoring damage due to sun exposure and aging.